Sealing Machines

Mechanical Sealing Machine

The Mechanical Sealing Machines is a flexible and high production packing machine for sealing of filled-plastic with excellent & reliable sealing Quality. We at Pack O Flex, have an Exclusive Range of Band Sealers designed for various Industry Applications like Medical, Pharma, Food, Engg, FMCG, Etc.
We provide Continuous Type Sealing Machine with Easy Lift Height adjustment feature which is suitable for P.P, L.D, L.D.P.E, H.M.H.D, Poly, Polyester- Poly Laminates etc. It has 10mm Sealing Width with variable speed option. It comes in Vertical, Horizontal and Wall Mounted types models.

• Suitable for P.P, L.D, L.D.P.E, H.M.H.D, Poly, Polyester- Poly Laminates,etc
• 10mm Sealing width with Variable Speed option
• Unique Feature- “Embossing Design, Brand Name & Date of Mfg.”
• Compact Table-Top Models, Horizontal, Vertical, Wall Mounted Types Models
• Operates on Single Phase 230V, 5A

To Pack Namkeen, Spices, Tea Powder, Mehndi, Coffee, Rice, Pulses, Kirana Item etc.
Capacity 50- 100 Pouch per minute
Bag Size Width 100 mm to 400 mm Length - 40 mm 200 mm
Sealing Type Centre Seal
Film Material Any Heat Sealable Film
Power Consumption Three Phase 230 V 3 KW
Machine Dimension 1250x1100x2200 mm
Machine Weight 850 Kg. Approx
Air Required 6 CFM@6 bar


Pneumatical Sealing Machines

We are one of the fast manufacturer and exporter of Pneumatic sealing machines in Maharashtra.  It is suitable for pouch sealing machine, top & bottom of packing machine like Namkeen, Wafers, Snacks, tea, confectionery etc of material such as PE, LD, and BOPP.  All the system is operated on Pneumatic Cylinder. This machine is operated with help of air compressor. We can provide auto operating system and manual operating system both. We believe in a very fast production and low maintenance.


Induction Sealing Machines

We are one of the fast manufacturer and exporter of Induction sealing machines in Maharashtra. Induction sealing machine is specially design to seal online Induction wads, seals on the bottle.  In this machine Bottle of different diameter can be handled. Induction sealing machine is useful for all types of induction seals.  Induction sealing is a non-contact process, which is used to bond a foil disk or to seal the opening of a container. The technique provides the user with a tamper evident seal. The seal assures product integrity and prevent any chances of leakage. It increases the products shelf life, reduces pilferage, and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. It has some good features which includes high sealing speed, good sealing quality, work continuously. It is suitable for large volume production.

Continuous Sealing Machines

Continuous Band Sealer is one of the best sealing machines which is particularly designed for high production pouch sealing machine. It Comprise of power On/Off switch, Variable Speed DC Drive, Cooling Blower, Special Digital Temperature controller & Conveyor Belt which can be adjusted according to the pouch. In Continuous band sealer machine, the temperature point is kept according to the speed of band sealer and the thickness of the pouch. The pouch is inserted between the revolving pulley and it passes from hot sealing jaws following cooling area, embossing wheel and then comes out with finished sealing. Low maintenance with easy operation. Continuous Band Sealer is used to seal Aluminium Foil Pouch, P.P., BOPP, LD, Laminated Pouch, etc.


Vertical Sealing Machines

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and exporter of vertical Sealing Machines, Pack O Flex offers vertical sealing systems for a number of industry types for a wide range of applications. The vertical seal machines are designed with multiple industries in mind. Whatever your product requirements may be, allow us to provide you with a quality vertical seal machine. With a variety of machines designed for ease of use, durability and reliability. We believe in our quality systems. The vertical seal machines are easy to operate, minimal maintenance, and reduced operating cost. The vertical form fill seal machines are designed specifically to meet the needs of a variety of industries with quality, lasting, effective machinery.

Horizontal Sealing Machines

The Horizontal Sealing Machines are table top models where the products are sealed with the bag lying flat on the conveyor belt. We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Horizontal Continuous Bag Sealing Machine. This machine is designed for bags to be kept in horizontal position on the conveyor belt for speedy packaging.
The horizontal sealing machine is generally used when the product is breakable and cant withstand a high drop. It is also considered where the customer requires a stand up pouch or a pouch with a zipper and or with a spout that facilitates ease of opening and comfortable consumption of products. These machines can deliver shaped pouches, which result in better product quality and shelf presence.